Hello everyone, it’s Danielle again with Quoddy Link Marine. I seem to be making a lot of posts the past few days and I have more good news today. Another new humpback whale was seen today on both our 10:00 am and 2:00 pm departures (rather close to home, south of Bliss Island) and it was none other than Mustache! Mustache was first seen by us during our 2006 season and was ID’ed by Provincetown Center for Coastal studies as an “unknown”. This means that Mustache wasn’t in the catalogue of humpback whales that PCCS keeps and was never photographed before by anyone participating in their research efforts. Mustache was named at the 2007 Gulf of Maine Whale Naming Event for the obvious white marking on the right hand side of “his” fluke. His dorsal fin is quite unique being rather square (see the bottom photo).

I know I have mentioned before about how bringing your patience is one of the best items you can bring with you on a whale watch but today it was essential. We timed Mustache on a dive at 25 minutes! After we left our Scout Boat times him at 2 more dives over 20 minutes. It just reminds us that wildlife is just that…..wild and they simply do what they do. A dive that long is not common for humpback whales and it was impressive to witness.

I also want to mention that this mornings departure was our first “Hat Trick” of the 2008 season being able to show our passengers all 3 species of whales we can see in our little part of the Bay of Fundy (minke, finback and humpback). Thanks for checking in today. We hope that our humpback whale sightings continue as they are but I will make sure to keep you posted.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊