Hello everyone, I have some great news to report. Today on our 2:00 departure we had news that a fin whale mom and calf were sighted so we made our way out and kept a keen eye looking for those 2 blows side-by-side. We spent some time with 2 other finback whales before John, our captain, spotted the mom and calf pair! We got some great looks at the pair. The calf looks so much smaller than the mom, being only around 5-6 months old and about 20-25 feet long! A calf this size and age would still be nursing. Below are the pair with the Mom on the left and the calf on the right.

Thanks so much for checking in today. I wanted to leave you with a series showing the cow and calf pair surfacing side-by-side. I also want to remind everyone who is interested in joining us on our special cruise on August 30th to venture out into the open Bay of Fundy in search of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale to make your reservations! We take a limited number of people and the seats do fill up quickly. Right whales have started to show up in the Bay and new mom and calf pair was sighted a few days ago bringing the total to 22 calves this year….good news for an estimated population of around 350 individuals!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊