Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link back from a foggy day on the Bay of Fundy. The weather hasn’t been the greatest the past few days but we have managed to get a few trips in. We are still seeing both minke and finback whales (some departures we get to see both species). We are still seeing young bald eagles on Whitehorse Island (pictured on the left). Below are two photos from yesterdays’ evening departure, the top is a minke whale and the bottom, a finback whale. Both whales we sighted off Campobello Island.

We had some wild weather here in St. Andrews yesterday evening but our folks on the 5:30 trip missed it all (we were spending time with a finback whale but we could see the lightening towards home). Below is a shot after we got home of St. Andrews….the calm after the storm!
Thanks for checking in, the weather doesn’t sound the greatest for the next few days but I will keep my fingers crossed that the forecast is incorrect!