Hello everyone, well, it was a little breezy today but we still managed to venture offshore and found 3 humpback whales. We spent our time with Hobo, and we could see the blows (exhale) of the other 2 humpbacks but with 15+ knots of sou’west we just kept our position and waited for Hobo to surface again. On our way back home we stopped and spent some time with 5 finback whales off the northern tip of Campobello Island. There was a group of 4 finbacks travelling together! It was so beautiful to see all the blows coming up at the same time. Below is a video Melanie (one of our naturalists) took today of the 4 finbacks travelling together.

Thanks for checking in for my short post today, more to come tomorrow!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊