Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with a few days of updates.

Tuesday, September 4
Yesterday was my day off but I did get some reports from Jill and John. They had finbacks on both departures yesterday and there was one point when they could see 9 individual finback whales, some close to the boat and others over a mile away but could be easily seen because of the tall blow.

Wednesday, September 5
Today was a great day. I was in the office on our morning departure but from what Jill and Louise told me it was a fantastic trip. They stopped with finback whales and then John took the group off into the Grand Manan channel in search of humpbacks and there they found Cork, a 5 year old humpback who we have come to adore at Quoddy Link. This afternoons departure was just as great! We left St. Andrews and stopped with 2 finback whales not too far from Whitehorse Island. While we were stopped with the pair we could see another pair travelling at about 10 knots and blowing very hard about 1.5 miles away. With some good looks at the finback whales we made out way out towards the Owen Basin to see if we could find Cork again and with some keen eyes we didn’t have much trouble finding her. The picture on the left shows Cork as she made a very close pass of the boat. She actually did a full circle right around the catamaran to the delight of all of our passengers. While we were waiting for Cork to resurface we saw another humpback blow not to far. We made our way over to have a look and we very happy to find Hobo! Below are photos of the 2 humpbacks we saw today. You can clearly see the difference between the pigmentation on the underside of their flukes. Cork is on the top, named for the cork-shaped black mark on the right hand side of her fluke. Hobo, the bottom photograph, well, I’m not too sure why “his” name is Hobo, I’m trying to find out and I will let you know if I get an answer.

Thanks so much for checking in today. I’m on the water all day tomorrow so I will keep you posted!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊