Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with your Quoddy Link Marine update. Today was a great day with finback and minke whales. On our 10:00 am departure we got to spend some time with Breadknife (left), a mike whale who has come to mean a lot to the seasoned crew of Quoddy Link. It was a pleasure to see “her” today, and Breadknife was travelling with another minke whale, side-by-side….something we don’t get to see very often. After spending some time with the minke whales we made our way over to Head Harbour Light where we had 2 finback whales together. On our way home we got to see seals (both grey and harbour), a bald eagle, and stop at both a salmon farm and a herring weir. It was a fantastic trip.

Our afternoon trip had some of the best finback sightings of our season. We were back out off Campobello Island with a finback whale when we saw another finback charging our way. “He” was moving so fast “he” was almost porpoising out of the water. The 2 finback whales came together and made several close passes of the boat, allowing our passengers a clear view of their white, lower right jaw and their blazes and chevrons (both are unique, swirl-like markings on their back). Below are the 2 finbacks we spent some time with today.

Below you can clearly see the blowhole, or nostril of a finback whale. Finbacks are baleen whales, and all baleen whales have a double blowhole.

Thanks for checking in with us, and I am on the water all day tomorrow so I will keep you posted on all things Quoddy.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊