Hello, it’s Danielle with QLM back from a rather breezy day out on the Bay of Fundy. Our morning departure started off with just a light south westerly but when the time came to head for home the wind had increased to about 15 knots and we knew the chop would only increase as the tide turned. But the wind and the Bay of Fundy fog didn’t stop us from seeing our familiar finback whale on either of our trips today. We spent time with “him” off Bliss Island on both of our trips. The guests on our 10:00am departure were treated to a great sighting, the finback whale surfaced very close to the boat numerous times and everyone was able to see the white colouration of the ventral surface, and one time we could even see the ventral pleats fully extended as the finback took in a big mouthful of water. Finback whales are Mysticetes, a group of whales who lack teeth and instead have baleen. The baleen hangs down from their upper jaw and acts as a sieve, straining the water, allowing the salt water to flow back into the ocean and trapping the fish or krill on the inside of the mouth where it can be swallowed whole.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our 5:30 departure today because of weather. The outlook for tomorrow weather-wise doesn’t look the greatest but I will be sure to keep you posted. Our season is still at a 100% success rate, so if you are heading to St. Andrews this summer or fall come and experience the whales of the Bay of Fundy with Quoddy Link Marine.

Before I sign off for the day I wanted to wish all of our American friends a very happy Independence Day.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊