Hello, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine. There won’t be any pictures with this post but I thought I would still update you on what we have been seeing in the past few days.
Yesterday, September 11th we spent some time and has some great looks at a finback whale off of Blacks Harbour then we headed offshore in search of humpbacks. Again, close to the same spot, we found Cork. She was staying under for a while and making some big moves but we still got a few great looks at her. We also saw another humpback as we were leaving but we never got a look at it’s tail…..maybe another day. As we arrived in St. Andrews we got a call about an entangled humpback whale. Unfortunately entanglements with fishing gear happens quite a bit with humpbacks (they estimate that around 80% of North Atlantic humpbacks have entanglement scars). Large whale rescue was called and we got word this morning that the whale was successfully disentangled. We are not sure on the identity of the whale but as I find more out I will keep you posted.

Today was my day off but speaking with the office they had a great afternoon whale watch, seeing Parachute, a favorite humpback with Quoddy Link and “he” hasn’t been seen since September 6th. Parachute is popular for a reason, and today was no different as he breached and lobtailed for our guests.

I’m back to work tomorrow, thanks for checking in and I’ll keep the updates coming!