The past 2 days have been great. On 3 of our 4 trips we have spent time with

both finbacks and humpback whales. Parachute, one of our favorite humpbacks is still hanging around Eastern Wolf and “he” continues to delight our passengers with many close encounters. Here you can see Parachutes’ tubercles, the bumps on his rostrum. There is a single, coarse hair growing out of every single tubercle which are believed to have a sensory function similar to that of whiskers.

This is a young harbour seal, a common sight in the Bay of Fundy. Harbour seals are members of the family Phocidae, the true seals. They have short hind and fore flippers and cannot walk around on all fours. Instead, they pull themselves along using their front flippers and undulate their torsos.

Stayed tuned for some more sightings and updates!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊