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Month: May 2010

First minke whale of the season!

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Hello everyone, I got some great news from Jolinne yesterday….they were out on a chartered tour and they spotted the first minke whale of the season inshore. Below is a picture that Jolinne took yesterday (this is Jolinne’s 3rd season with Quoddy Link, she is seasoned naturalist with an extensive marine biology background as well as being a certified SCUBA instructor)

Sightings also include bald eagles, harbour porpoise and lots of seals (both harbour and grey). Below is another photo that Jolinne sent from the trip yesterday, one of the many reefs at low tide among the Fundy Isles that seals haul out on.

Thanks for checking in…our whale watching season does not officially begin until the 26th of June but if you are in St. Andrews and want to get out on the water in the next few weeks check out our friends at Fundy Tide Runners.


And the naming had begun

Hey everyone 🙂

I hope that you have all had a great winter and that spring and sprung in your hometown. I wanted to share with you all that the Gulf of Maine Humpback Naming is well under way and Round 1 is now over and I have had the privilege to name 5 whales during this round. The round included “unknown whales” but not the whales that we saw during our 2009 season. The whales in the Bay of Fundy belong to a much larger group of North Atlantic humpbacks that spend their feeding season in the Gulf of Maine.

Below are the 5 whales that I got to name during Round 1






I will keep you posted as the naming continues and let you know when the 7 whales from our 2009 season get their new names .

Our whale watching season officially begins on June 26th but if you are in St. Andrews before the end of June and you want to get out on the Bay check out Fundy Tide Runners, the are running nature cruises and seeing lots of seals, porpoise and eagles and even though it’s a little early for whales you never know when the first sighting will be.

Spoon is a mom!!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some great news….Spoon, a large female humpback first sighted in 1979 has been seen with a calf off the coast of Massachusetts. We spent time with Spoon on October 5th and 6th of the 2009 season.

Thanks for checking in, the whale naming is still in process and I will let you know when I hear something.