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Whales and Wildlife, Catamaran Style

Month: June 2006

Fog fog go away…

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Hello there, it’s Danielle, photographer and senior naturalist with Quoddy Link. We officially started our whale watching season on Saturday, June 24th and were greeted with some very thick fog, and it hasn’t left yet. This isn’t stopping us from going out and looking for whales. Given it is very early in the season the whales have been difficult to find but we have still spent time with some incredible wildlife.

Harbour seals are commonly seen in the Bay of Fundy. Even in the fog we are still able to view them hauled out on rocks and reefs. Here you can see their small fore flippers and their natural colour variation.

The fog has been persistent offshore but we have had some clear days in amongst the West Isles. This is a mature bald eagle just taking off. Both the males and females develop this colouration with the white head and tail feathers and brown body, the juveniles are brown and molted. Bald eagles are numerous in the area and maritime eagles have participated in re-introduction programs in the USA and have helped to remove the American bald eagle from the endangered species list.

I will keep you posted in the days to come. All of us in St. Andrews are hoping the fog will lift soon.

First Whale Sighted!

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Hi, it’s Danielle again, senior naturalist with Quoddy Link Marine. I just wanted to let you know we saw our FIRST WHALE on June 19th. It was a minke whale sighted off East Quoddy Head Light, on the northern tip of Campobello Island. Minke whales are usually the first species of whale to arrive in our part of the Bay of Fundy. They are the smallest baleen whale we have here, averaging around 25 feet.

The minke was sighted on a nature cruise. Even though it is early to see whales consistently in our area there is still lots of wildlife out there in the Fundy Isles. We have been doing many chartered nature cruises taking us out into the Bay of Fundy. There are lots of harbour seals and bald eagles around too see, as well as harbour porpoise and lots and lots of beautiful scenery.

Our first official whale watching trip is on June 24th, this Saturday. Come and join us to experience everything the Bay of Fundy has to offer….Catamaran Style.

All 3 photographs taken by R.J. Sauk on a nature cruise.