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Whales and Wildlife, Catamaran Style

Why a Catamaran?


Quoddy Specification Image 2 Why a Catamaran? Because we hate to disappoint, we love being in the company of whales and we like to exceed your expectations. In this dynamic ocean environment there are no guarantees. The weather changes  and whales thankfully still roam freely.

The capabilities of our modern power catamaran provide more options in reducing the impacts that nature plays in determining a successful excursion. Her design can keep all passengers warm and dry. It provides the space to allow 360 degree unobstructed viewing (we carry the same number of passengers as smaller vessels). When required it has the speed to go the distance and it does it with less motion than single-hulled vessels of similar or smaller size. We’ve owned and operated other vessel types, including types operated by our competitors. Our experience (along with the basic principles of physics) indicates that for getting the job done the catamaran can’t be beat – its simply about capability.

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