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Humpbacks are here feeding – July 25, 2018

Good evening everyone,

The past 5 days have been pretty incredible with whale sightings.  We have been watching humpback whales offshore on every trip and then yesterday a few humpbacks showed up inshore and today even more.  This season continues to surprise us!  We have no idea how long these humpbacks will be here in numbers like this, as long as the food lasts is our best guess!  Here are a few pics from the past few days, and don’t forget to check out our facebook page for lots more pics and daily updates,



pair of humpbacks off Head Harbour Passage

Atlantic white-sided dolphins

Rooftop tail lobbing

Lacuna, a humpback whale who was severely entangled a few years ago

lunge feeding humpbacks

northern fulmar

Pylon breaching

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