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Whales and Wildlife, Catamaran Style

Author: Danielle Dion

We don’t want the 2016 to end!! – October 11, 2016

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Hello all, Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine!  WOW, this season continues to blow us away with incredible encounters with whales.  We are still seeing minke and/or finbacks on every trip and when we can get offshore we are still seeing one of the 2 young humpbacks in the area and we have even still had a few trips with lots of right whales!!

On October 7th we had an incredible encounter with the 2015 calf a Spoon, a young make humpback who has shown to be very curious of boats.  Check out the video!!

Also on October 7th we had the opportunity to see a 60 foot finback breach 4 times in Head Harbour Passage (this whale would weigh approximately 100 000 lbs). It was incredible and it is incredibly rare to see a finback breach, so happy we were able to capture it on video!

On Sunday, September 9th we had an amazing afternoon with north Atlantic right whales, with at least 10 individuals in the area.


north Atlantic right whale



north Atlantic right whales


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whales

Thank You for checking in!  We have daily departures scheduled until the 26th of October but times vary and every trip is weather dependent as well we need a minimum number of passengers.  Please call the office for information and reservations, 1-877-688-2600.



2016 continues to be FINtastic!! – October 3, 2016

Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here!!  Again, sorry for not keeping this page more updated but as always please visit out Facebook page for daily updates!

This season has continued to be incredible, with whales sighted on each departure.  In the past 2 weeks we have been seeing finbacks and minkes on almost every departure and some departures with humpbacks and we are still seeing a few north Atlantic right whales but it seems like the copepod concentrations have diminished because when we see rights they are doing very long dives (15-39 minutes) and making big moves (more than 1 mile) making them impossible to safely watch.

Here is a fin whale video from September 25

On September 30th we had an emotional encounter with a young humpback.  The yearling was trapped in a herring weir for three days and that morning, after the fisherman lowered the top twine and whale rescue was able to lead the whale out, he spent over an hour breaching and flipper slapping.  I do my best not to put human emotions on wildlife but I don’t know what to say….this young whale just seemed to be celebrating, he seemed so happy to be free.

We have trips scheduled until the 26th of October but the times do vary so please call the office at 1-877-688-2600 for information and reservations!



An amazing season! – August 23/16-September 14/16

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Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here!!  I am so sorry for not posting more often but as always please check our Facebook page for daily posts.

I thought I would share some videos from our past three weeks to get you up to date.  As always, every trip is different and we can never guarantee a specific species for any trip!!

The last week in August we had a small number of right whales (8-10) that moved inshore, quite close to Campobello that we were able to see on many departure.  One of the highlights was a mother and calf pair, Clipper #3450 and her 2016 calf.

We have also been seeing 2 young humpbacks on many departures, one more often which has been IDed as the 2015 calf of Spoon.  Spoon is a very large humpback and her young yearling takes after her.  This young boy also shows a lot of curiosity in boats and has checked out the Quoddy Link on a few occasions.

We have had 2 trips in the past week where we have been able to travel out past the Wolves and spend time with ~ 20 north Atlantic right whales.  The whales have been spread out and deep feeding but they have been amazing trips!!  Again, there is no telling how long these whales will stay within our reach, it all depends on their food source

The finback whale sightings continue to be incredible, this morning we actually had 3 large fins feeding side by side way up off Windmill Point in Head Harbour Passage.  And we have had a few encounters with ocean sunfish too!

Thanks for checking in here and as always LIKE our Facebook page and check in often their for daily updates and pictures.



Breaching minke whale – August 22/16

Hello everyone, I shared a video but I also wanted to share some images from our experience on our evening departure on August 22.  This minke whale breached more than 50 times off Head Harbour, Campobello Island!  Thank You to the passengers who joined us and thank you to Captain Mat for extending our trip!!!

Breaching minke whale!

Good evening everyone, thanks so much for checking in with us at Quoddy Link Marine!

Sorry for not posting daily here but I always post daily sighting updates and photos on our Facebook page.

We have been seeing both minke and fin whales on our departures, seeing both species on most departures.  On August 14th on our afternoon departure our passengers were treated to a breaching minke whale, not a common sight to see!!


breached so close to the boat I didn’t have time to zoom out. This image is not cropped


breaching minke


breaching minke


breaching minke


breaching minke


minke whale who was doing all of the breaching

The bird life, seals and porpoise continue to be great!

Thanks so much for checking in,



Fins and minkes for the second week of August – August 9/16

Good evening everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link here!!

Our fin whale sightings have continued and for the past few days we have had success finding the fin whales on both the flood and ebb tides.

The activity in Head Harbour Passage continues with many minke whales and lots of harbour porpoise feeding in the area.

The seals are still great and the bald eagle sightings were incredible today on Nubble Island.

Here are some images from the past few days…


Father and chick razorbill pair


Fin whale


Watching a fin whale from the lower deck of the Quoddy


Fin whale blow


Female grey seal


Fin whale and fluke prints


Fin whale and the Grand Manan Ferry


Fin whale blow


Fin whale surfacing


Fin whale


Fin whale in Back Bay


harbour seal


Head Harbour Light – filter added


Finback whale

Thank You to everyone who has chosen to join us aboard the Quoddy Link!!



The minke and fin whale sightings continue – July 25-August 5

Good evening everyone, our trips continue to be fantastic with both minke whale and finback whale sightings (species will vary with each departure).  The feeding groups of porpoise and seabirds are getting larger off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage and the seals are as popular as ever on every trip!

Here are some images from the past week and for more images please check out our Facebook page


surfacing minke whale


Bald Eagle


Fin whale surfacing


Harbour porpoise!! Check out the eye and the mouth


minke whale, Breadknife


male and female grey seals


minke whale


Photographing breadknife from the the lower deck of the Quoddy Link (I did get the passenger in the image on purpose)








surface wave from a minke whale


harbour and grey seals


male and female grey seal

Thanks for checking in, and don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page for daily updates and photos!  I will try and post here as often as I can!!




Amazing finback whales! – July 24/16

Here is our sightings report for July 24, 2016

10am: This morning we started off Adams with Slice, a minke whale. We got some great looks then headed off to Whitehorse to see some birds and Head Harbour Passage to look for porpoise and maybe a minke…we found 2 minkes! Then after the boat traffic cleared we made our way off Bliss to get a look at a finback, and while we were watching the fin we could see another fin whale blowing a few miles away and within 20 minutes that other whale had joined up with the first! We got some incredible looks.


Slice, a minke whale


Fin whale with Head Harbour Light in the background


Second finback that showed up this morning.

1:30pm: This afternoon we had some of the best finback sightings of the season so far! Both fin whales were still in the area feeding heavily and they were not going far. They surfaced off our bow repeatedly and the water was so calm and with the sun shining we could see the whales right under the water before they surfaced. Amazing sightings!!


Fin whale


photographing a fin whale from the lower deck of the Quoddy Link. I did get the passenger in the photo on purpose


Blow of a finback


harbour porpoise

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the Quoddy Link today!



Fin whale, minke and AMAZING porpoise – July 21/16

Here is the sightings update for today

10am: What a beautiful morning with some of the BEST porpoise sightings of the season. We started in Head Harbour Passage is flat calm waters and the sun was shining and the porpoise and birds were feeding on a bait ball! Amazing looks at these small cetaceans. We knew there was a fin whale close but we wanted to avoid the boat traffic so we spent time with a minke, Slice first then made our way to Bliss to see the finback.


harbour porpoise


harbour porpoise


Finback whale off Bliss


Finback off Bliss

1:30pm: With the very start of the ebb we thought we would try and find the finback first. The wind had increased and the tide had turned so we had some sea to deal with but we everyone did wonderfully and we got some great looks at the large fin whale before heading over to Head Harbour where we found Slice the minke whale again.

We do have an evening departure, it’s just not back yet and I have not heard from the boat!

Thank you for checking in!!